Allo friends :)

Sorry it's been a while since I've written here. It's been a crazy month that's for sure. Anyway, I wanted to talk about this amazing place that I think everyone should try! It's called The Paintlounge and the name really speaks for itself. Whether you are a painter or not you will definitely have a positive experience! Basically the idea is that you buy a canvas of whatever size you choose and then while music is playing, hot drinks and snacks surround you - just allow the creative juices to flow right onto that canvas. They provide you with every colour of paint, along with your ordinary painting supplies like brushes and palettes. They also have other objects that you can use to create your masterpiece like sponges, water guns to fill with paint, smalls bits of pool noodles to make patterns with and much more!

The masterpieces.
A mini cafe that serves:
coffee, tea, treats & sandwiches.
paint supplies.

Overall, a great experience. Friendly staff, nice environment and leaves you feeling super artsy ;)

{P.S. If you go on a Tuesday you can get two canvases for $30 as opposed to one for that price. Also, students can get a canvas for $20 on any day of the week!}




  1. Thanks for the blog post. One of your followers already came to Paintlounge because of this =)

    -Sam from Paintlounge

  2. Awesome!
    I'll be back again for sure :)