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In the midst of this crazy world, it's good to simply sit in silence before God. I had the opportunity of doing that this morning and it was a great time of reflection. One word stuck in my mind as I sat there: Satisfaction.

Since I have been on a short break from school, I've taken notice of the unending advertisements that promote self and the temporary satisfaction found in stuff. I don't know about you but I find myself trying to quickly satisfy myself with stuff. So this morning as I sat there, I thought about all the things that I wanted and hoped to achieve and obtain in the years to come. And then I pictured my life after I had all those things. At first it looked great, but then my mind quickly began to think of even more things that I wanted. And then I quickly realized, this pursuit will never end as long as I am looking to be satisfied with what this world has to offer. Sometimes I thought I would be content if I just graduated from school and found a good job. Or got married and had a nice place to live. Or was able to make an album and play shows. All these things aren't bad or evil but they do not and cannot satisfy the deepest parts of the human soul.

So I began to read scripture that demonstrated to me what has been given to me by God and the greatness of these gifts.

I found freedom, love, acceptance, eternal life, joy, hope, grace, mercy, victory, and so much more. 

Trying to find satisfaction in people, accomplishments or stuff only leads to idolatry and ultimately a lonely and unsatisfied soul.

Satisfaction is found in the unseen.
Look up and in Christ alone you will find it.


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