Just something i wrote in my journal tonight. Trials can be difficult but God is so faithful. I hope you're encouraged...

I prayed and petitioned to be changed and in my human ways I pictured it a certain way.

Not too easy but only a few bumps along the way. But what change will come if I remain living the same each day?

Challenged. Humbled. And brought to my knees is where I need to be. To remove myself from the throne and see the king of majesty.

Weak and frail I do feel, but I know His love is more than real.

I do not put my hope in man. No book. No preacher. Not in my plans.

My God will bring me through it all. Until then I am called. To be faithful obedient even when I feel small.

I surrender.

I know these battle scars will soon be able to tell a story of grace.


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