"Be Like You"

Be Like You - Acoustic from Joshua Seller on Vimeo.

 Hey friends,

Last week Greg and I finished writing a song called "Be Like You" I say finished because this song started as a little diddy I heard in my head one day while singing my heart out in the shower. I have to say it's one of my best song writing locations. Anyway, I recorded a quick voice note on my phone with the melody and words of what are now the verses of the song.

I think the theme of the song was very timely in my own life. I don't know about you, but sometimes I can get to points of my life where I lose sight of Who I desire to imitate and end up being consumed with myself. As a result of this lifestyle, my heart's sensitivity to the Spirit began to diminish and my judgment towards others began to reach new heights. This is where the idea of the bridge comes in....

[Would You make me blind to the speck in their eye, would You make me see the log in mine]

I began to see that I can only be consumed with myself for so long, and because of my finite nature, I can get pretty boring, fast.  I am tired of myself. Sometimes, I just need my stone cold heart to be broken.

Because when I lose sight of Perfection (Jesus) I lose my direction. No one or anything in this world compares to my God.

Jesus, I want to be like You.


  1. Love this a lot.
    Good job guys!

  2. this is awesome! i randomly came across this song and i love it! can you post the lyrics cuz there is one part that i can't exactly make out the words