Blog Makeover!

Hey y'all!

So I decided to up my blogger game a little and do some blog makeover shenanigans.

You'll notice there is now a lovely little menu bar where you can easily find blog posts by category:

Here's what you can expect under each tab:

"Life"// you'll find posts on things that I'm learning as I go through life and things that God is teaching me and putting on my heart to share with others.

"Music"// you'll find posts related to things that I'm learning musically or perhaps some updates on some musical events I'll be involved in.

"Food"// if you know me personally you'll know why I have this tab. I absolutely love food. I like to cook & bake but I especially love to eat :) In here you'll find recipes that I've tried or even some photos of restaurant dishes that I especially enjoyed!

"Books"// I love to read. Here I'll post some books that I'm reading and any recommendations that I have.

"Blogs"// And lastly, here you'll find a list of blogs that I regularly follow that you may be interested in following too!

Well, that's all for now. Hope you visit again soon!