Christmas :)

Wow, I just realized how awful I am at blogging. I'm not even sure if anyone even reads these things but I apologize if you have and nothing has been here for you to read!

It's been super busy this past week just getting ready for Christmas, services at Church and just hanging out with the fam jam :) And also been to way too many malls for my liking. Blah.

But anyway, I think this Christmas season has been so great so far because this year I'm actually realizing just how profound and beautiful this event is.

I was at the mall today doing some last minute Christmas shopping (yeah pretty last minute huh?) and as I looked around at people rushing by me, standing and starring at items either thinking "will they like this?" or "man, I'm broke" I started to feel a little sad. Although for so many years I have seen countless Christmas plays and heard many sermons depicting the real importance of Christmas, I find myself continuously forgetting the reason for it all. I just stood there in the mall just thinking to myself, God himself came down to earth in the form of a baby to eventually die on the cross to save me from eternal death. WOW. That definitely calls for a celebration, but a celebration of His wonderful work. Don't get me wrong I love this season for many reasons; the fellowship and time spent with family, the christmas tunes, and the food :) - but even if I experienced all that in abundance, it does not and cannot compare to the beauty of Christ's birth and the gospel.

So this Christmas season I want to remember the greatest gift of all which is Jesus Christ and to take my eyes off of myself and direct them to Christ.

Merry Christmas!


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