Do-it-Yourself/Arts + Crafts

I've always loved Arts + Crafts ever since kindergarten days. Kinda always been my hobby since Science-y and Math-like things were never my forte.

Sometimes I just need some good music, paint, arts and crafty things and I'm occupied for the evening. Super relaxing and if you're as frugal as me, this is an inexpensive hobby. Finding random, old objects and turning them into art is my favourite pass time.

One man's junk is another man's treasure. 



  1. love this.
    i love buttons.
    (not as much as i love you though!)

  2. dear melody,

    i didnt really know where else to drop you a line, so this is unrelated to the epic buttons on your canvas :) (very well done though). I just graduate university and was on my way to applying for masters when God intervened and just exposed my heart but also, that the fulfillment university has taught me to believe comes with degrees and accreditations will never satisfy. As it stands, I feel like spending some time knowing God and getting knowledge of God so maybe doing something completely foreign to me and signing up for Bible college or seminary or whatever. Problem is I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE TO LOOK. How has your experience been? Good? Bad? Awesome?

    -thanks Nadine

  3. Hey Nadine,

    Thanks for your comment!
    Bible college has been quite the amazing experience for me. I have learned so much about the Bible and about God's character which has definitely aided my spiritual life. I don't necessarily think one has to attend Bible college in order to gain a deeper understanding of Theology because anyone at any time can study God. But I love this season in my life because of the fact that this is my degree and it forces me to do the work! I would encourage anyone who has some down time or not really sure what the next step is to really consider taking a few courses at a Bible college. It's super beneficial for any believer at any stage of their life. Hope this helps!